The benefits of fruit in a different way

The benefits of fruit in a different way

What are the benefits of consuming Wayú dehydrated fruit infusions?

The dehydrated fruit provides vitamins A, B, C and E, and essential minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium, which help maintain the proper functioning of our body, especially the immune system; Also, due to their fiber content, they have a positive effect on digestion; and being a source of antioxidants, they are effective allies in protecting the heart, caring for the skin and delaying aging. This is not to mention that, due to their Calcium content, they reduce the risk of suffering from bone-related diseases.

Dried fruit is practical, healthy, and delicious.

Red fruit infusion benefits:

-Helps prevent cognitive decline
-Combats insulin sensitivity in people with obesity.
-Prevents Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
-Power the immune system.
-Helps reduce cholesterol.
-Improves intestinal transit.
-Clean the liver and kidneys.
-Relieves insomnia.
-Relieves eruptive skin diseases.
-Fights respiratory infections.
-Helps to control inflammation.
-Improves mood.
-Rich in vitamin C.

Benefits of pineapple infusion:

-Helps to heal.
-Regulates intestinal transit.
-It favors blood circulation.
-Contributes in the weight loss process.
-Helps to control fluid retention.
-Fight the alcoholic hangover.
-High content of vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of ginger infusion:

Reduces menstrual pain.
-Fights infections and inflammations of the throat.
-Prevents colon and ovarian cancer.
-Helps to improve cardiovascular problems.
-Helps to improve migraine.
-Reduces stress, anxiety.
-Reduces osteoarthritis.
-It helps to sleep.
-Low in calories.
-Improves intestinal transit
-Strengthens high blood pressure and cholesterol.
-Facilitates the proper functioning of the nervous system.
-High content of vitamin C.
-Helps control nerves
-Helps fight tonsillitis.
-Helps fight genital infections

Benefits of the tropical infusion:

-Vitamin A and vitamin C
-Thanks to its antioxidant properties it prevents aging
-Protects against sun damage and strengthens the immune system
-It contains a high amount of fiber that improves intestinal transit and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

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